Secret To Successful Blogging is around you.

Secret To Successful Blogging is around you.
Unbeknownst to you, you're probably already sitting on the secret to successful blogging. 
Secret To Successful Blogging

The secret to successful blogging is actually sitting in your top 10 most successful blog posts, and to figure that out, you have to go into your Google Analytics (now google marketing platform) and look.

What are my top 10 most successful posts? Then, look at those posts and say,
"Hey, well, what is it about this?
"What am I saying?
"What am I writing about in these posts?
"what are making them so successful?"

First and foremost, the issue is its search. I know a lot of people want to tell you that you need to spend time on social media and get your content out there on social media, which helps, but if you take a look at your Google Analytics, the majority of your traffic is coming from search.
Don't trust me; look at your Google Analytics.
Now, unless you're a news site, then all your traffic's probably coming from Facebook, but for most of us, our traffic is coming from search.

All right, next realization from the top 10 most successful blog posts.


Well, it comes as no surprise. The majority of people who are searching online are looking for answers, and if you are successful in providing an answer, a really good one, better than what other people write, more complete, easier to understand, chances are that will be a very successful blog post.

Next, go for 20.

You've probably read or written a lot of top 10 lists, and maybe they got Traffic, maybe they didn't. But mostly, I have noticed that most successful blog posts are top 20 lists and even higher than that.
It appears that 20 is kind of a magical number in that it makes people realize, heck, this person really knows what they're talking about because they really delved into the topic. Honestly, we can write a top 10 list about anything, but a top 20? It takes a lot more work.

Next, be prepared for challenges.

This has to do with competitive post writing. If someone is writing something about you, about your product that is negative, saying that what you're Saying, writing, producing is not correct and your community doesn't Come to back you up, well, you're going to need to back yourself up. You're going to need to back up your product, whatever it is, and defend why yours is better, different than the competition. People are searching for comparative information, and if you're not providing it, somebody else is, and it may not be directed to your product and what you want them to say.

Next, Complains.

This is the very true side of blogging. I've noticed that people kind of love to watch complain, and some of the most successful posts are about complaining, About complaining about

how I've been treated or complaining that something isn't good.

So a top 10 or probably I'd write a top 20 list of tips on what you should do, won't actually do as well as a top 10 or 20 lists of things you shouldn't do.

Too much is just enough.

There is theories that people only have a very short attention span, and yes, people do have short attention spans, but those people may never become your customer. Again, depending on what you're selling. The reality is really long blog posts do extremely well in search. Inevitably, people say, "Well, who will read that whole post?"
Well, it's not important for them to read it. What's more important is for them to discover it and get the information they need out of it. There's traffic in the long tail, if you can get all of it.

Christopher Null, who is a blogger for Drinkhacker, wrote about a random tequila, and surprisingly, this random tequila is getting an amazing amount of traffic. What that has to do with is a lot of people want to write about the most popular thing, but if you can get all the traffic on one very specific subject, that can turn out to be a top 10 most successful blog post. You're nothing unless you've got the complete set.

Well, similarly, Christopher Null of Drinkhacker, his whiskey page, which he's trying to be a completist on all information about whiskey, is one of his most top 10 most successful blog posts.
So if you feel that you can get all the information on one subject, even if It’s a minor subject; you will generate a ton of traffic.

Next, it's mine, but you might actually like it, too.

What's kind of funny is that people feel that they have the need to always write about the most popular thing that's out there.

If you're really good at it and you're first to market, then yeah, that will do really well for you, but the one thing people can't steal from you is personal stories, and people love to read stories and they love to relate to those stories. For me, and for many of the other bloggers, personal stories do extremely well.

Next, ignore the data.

You're going to read a lot of advice and see a lot of search tools out there telling you what you should write about, and some of that information is very valuable. But you know what's also valuable? The inspiration that hits you at that moment. so keep writing.

And lastly, a frequent update will keep it on the top 10.

“Top performing posts can sometimes be posts that you had no idea would do well and conversely the posts you think would soar end up unread. However, rewriting those posts and finding new angles can work to revive them,” said Foremski.

One of the bloggers I follow to, Ed Bott, has a few blog posts that need to be updated every now and then because it's technical information. If you have information on your top 10 list for which the information is dated and it could use some new information, new, relevant information, well by updating that post, it will actually give it new life, put a new date on it, shows it's no longer three, four years old, and it may keep it high in your top 10 list and high in search results.

Well, my homework for you is to go and take a look at what are your top 10 most successful blog posts. You will probably be surprised as to what's so darn popular, and you'll learn a little bit more about your own writing and what your audience loves to read about. If you discover something in your top 10 post which is not what I just talked about right here, please let me and the readers know. Leave a comment below.

Stop following the herd you're probably already sitting on the secret to successful blogging.

Thanks for reading.

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Authored by Praveen Mandal

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