Things we should consider while applying SEO to our Website or Blogs.

Today we are going to talk about SEO. While making any kind of content in internet space this is one of the important things that everyone (Website owner, YouTuber, blogger etc ) should learn or at least have little idea.


I'm not going to say I am an expert in SEO stuff because we all are a learner. So, I might miss some of the things while explaining. 

But, I will try to keep it Simple for everyone. So, let's dive right into it.

First, we have to know what is SEO?

It stands for search engine optimization and it is everything you do to improve the search engine rankings on your website.

So basically SEO is a method you apply in order to be found better in the search results of Google and other search engines.

SEO is not one way to optimize your website, but there are a lot of ways to do it and that's what we're going to talk about.

Now next question: 
What are the things we should consider while applying SEO to our websites or blogs?
  1. Domain name
  2. Title
  3. Name your image
  4. HTML tags (h1,h2 etc)
  5. Value your visitors

Domain Name:

The first thing in SEO you need to take a look at while applying SEO in websites is the domain name you have. If you want to be found a domain name is very important in the search results.

If I’m going to search for Apple, the first website that comes up is

So you see a domain name is very important. So you could use the phrase you want to be found by in your domain name if the remaining still available.


The second thing is very important is the title. It is very important for every website owner to keep their title simple in each page they own.let's say if we search how to make a Website or Android app in google we can find different websites that will teach us. So here we see the first organic results.


The advantage of titles is that you can create unlimited pages and blog posts and give them all relevant titles. So you can make a blog post about every word or phrase you want to be found by.

By using these kinds of tricks you might get a bit more exposure and if you keep on making relevant content, then eventually you will be found better in google. So if it comes to pages and blog posts the sky is the limit.
So, again I must say it's important to have a good domain name and to have a good title on every page of your will help your article to get proper exposure in web space.

Name your image:

In SEO, Google doesn't know what image you uploaded in web space until you give your images titles that are relevant to the picture and where you want to be found on in google. Google will only search images if you name it properly. 


Let's say if you search celebrity picture by name in google image search then within a second you will find the exact result of that celebrity with different pictures of him/her with the website linked on which it's uploaded. This will ultimately help you to attract visitors and increase traffic to your website, therefore, the image title is a must.

Use title tags (h1,h2 etc)/HTML TAGS:


Your title tags are a massively important part of the entire search engine optimization equation. You really need to get these right if you want to rank your website higher and drive more traffic and customers to your business. Your title tag is one important component of SEO. This helps both search engines and users what the document article is about.

Offer value to your visitors:

You can optimize what you want but at the end, you have to have something valuable for a visitor. So you have to have great content about a certain subject or some advice and that will, in the long run, help you to be found better in Google.
Optimize your website for google, but rather offer great available content for your visitors. 

You can always optimize your website until Google itself wants to learn from you, but if you have no useful available, content you will not attract more visitors. You want the content of your website to be so good, that visitors are willing to share it and becoming the number one in google or your desired search term does not happen overnight, it takes effort and perseverance.

I want to make a call to action in my blog post, where visitors can comment.

When a comment is added to a blog post, the content of the post increases. Which is good for the google ranking. So it is a great option to let people comment on your pages and your blog posts.

And and and...

We are not perfect and I do not say we have to follow all these rules, but these are guides that can help us to be found better, but as I told you before the best thing you can do is create a great article, that has a great value for the visitor.

So my advice is to use these steps and start creating some great content for your visitors and persevere in doing it. 

I hope you liked it and learned some good stuff. I'm not any SEO geek. I'm still learning stuff about Websites and Search engines algorithm. I like to share information that I learned from different sources with everyone who are still researching or beginner about website and search engine algorithm.

Over to you:

So, What are the points you think that we should consider while optimizing our website and our articles to rank in search engines?

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Authored by Praveen Mandal

Tech Blogging and Blog Researching is my passion. Apart from it, i like exchanging my ideas and knowledge to inspire peoples around the world.
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