About Me


Who Am I?

A few words About Me.

Praveen Mandal was born in a beautiful country Nepal. Also, he’s now gonna stop referring to himself in a third person because I’m writing this by myself. I am a normal human being just like you but with different goals in life.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Doctor, a successful Business Man, Software Engineer, an Army. I’ve just accomplished two out of the five so far. Moreover, I love writing blogs when I get bored. I adore animals more than humans.

I was born on November (I won’t reveal date xD, ’cause I hate birthday gifts) in the 90‘s (I guess this means I’m a SCORPIO, but I don’t really care about it because I never believed in horoscopes).

I  love to write what I feel. Technically speaking, I put my thoughts into writing. Most people want consistent opinions every day. However, I am not consistent. Sometimes, I think one thing, and sometimes the other. This seems to be different from all the people who think the same way all the time.

Some Random Facts About Me

  • I’m not photogenic but I look better in real life !! I’m serious.
  • I can count the number of friends that I have.
  • I hate it when people tYpE LyKe Th!$ !!
  • I love meditating but the voice inside my head is too LOUD !!
  • If you love pets then you are already one of my favorite persons.
  •  love Science but not what they teach in School. I am a huge follower of Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Tesla, and many more.
  • I believe in Superheroes rather than Man-Made Gods.
  • I am bad at keeping promises. I promise you on this.

That’s it for now! See you next time
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